The man who draws with light better than anyone

All Brazilians must be proud for having the photographer Sebastiao Salgado in the country.

The documentary ‘Salt of Earth’ sum up, with a refined language and elaborated soundtrack, the career of this Brazilian professional who devoted most of his life to capture flagrants of men and planet, especially of the human being in its darkest depths and in its beast side to contradict, score the contrast, the inconsistency, the other side of this same specie, what better fits the biblical phrase: “the image and likeness of God”.

This is the time in Brazil to meet Sebastiao Salgado and his magnificent work, considering his documentary was launched in many Brazilian capitals on March 26th and in many cities where is still being displayed. Whether by the documentary, which ran for Oscar, or by the Genesis show – which started being exhibited in our country last year – the images of Sebastiao Salgado are strong and reals of our blue Earth. His career reveals it is possible to have hope.

Tea, Rwanda

Art works that tells compelling stories about humanity and prints in the photos the more remotes regions, intacts and fantastics of Earth. Are images in black and white, silents, statics, however extraordinarily dinamics.

Light and shadow – photo (light) graph (draw or letter) in Greek – so well directed by Salgado, reveals the core of the image which was being captured at that split second with lens. His look and his collection is being shared with thr whole world through his documentary and his photos. A work that would not be possible without his wife’s suport, Lelia.

Critical Look
Gênesis/Sebastião Salgado
Gênesis/Sebastião Salgado

Sebatiao Salgado’s work is an invaluable heritage for humanity.

Is a document for future. For who…aliens? Maybe not. Whether we follow the documentary we would understand that what happened in this man’s heart and for him to heal his soul illness, his discouragement, which acquired composing Exodus and other shows that presents the bestiality of men and their tribulations, we would believe it is possible rebuild.
air jordan France
Sebastiao Salgado went back to his homelant to look for a way to save himself. In his childhood farm, in Vale do Rio Doce, Minas Gerais, interior of Brazil, desolate and lifeless, he rose again and found the strength to continue because also his Earth, his roots regenerated. The prodigal nature in little more than 10 years reborn as Phoenix to prove the world it is possible restart with no fear. The Earth Institute is fruit of the seed that germinated. Read more here.

Worth watching ‘Salt of Earth’, which direction is from the German Wim Wenders and the son Juliano Salgado to understand what is expressed in this giant planet. And as a bonus, free entrance to unforgettable trips that few has the privilege to do, as well as a few has the lonely heart of dividing with others their impressions and knowledge.


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