Machu Picchu. 2004/by Janine Malanski

Machu Picchu in a female view

Machu Picchu. 2004/by Janine Malanski
Machu Picchu. 2004/by Janine Malanski

The sacred ruins of Machu Picchu, in Peru, can be part of a uniquely feminine itinerary, a trip on her own, without routing settings, where chance brings reflection, peace and the pleasure to be aloof from everyday and modern life. It is an unparalleled adventure because the place, besides being one of the most popular among the attractions in the world, is undoubtedly one of the most geniune regions of this colorful and dissonant South America.

Enter in Machu-Picchu by the sun door, walking through Inca trails is an extraordinary experience. It is a special spectacle on a sunny day. The ruins arive in your eyes, magnificent, as if protected inside a womb. The uterus of planet Earth.

The mountains surrounding Machu-Picchu, covered by Pachamama (mother in quechua) forests, can be compared to uterine walls snuggling a precious son. Undoubtedly, this unique feminine view of Machu-Picchu defines the sacred ruins as messenger son of light, the sacred. Metaphor, yes, of a magic which just do not realize who do not want to be part of it.

Wheter by Inca walk or by bus, the emotion of arriving to the ruins is unique and unmatched by beauty of landscape and essentially by history surrounding the place.

The advantage of  travelling on your own is to have pretty much all day to enjoy a place like this. The box office opens at 9am and the park closes at 6pm, so you can visit first trails nearby the ruins as the Inca Bridge, 30 minutes walking and then, the Sun Gate, longer, with 2 hours of route. Around 3pm is when you must know the ruins internally, when tourists flow begins to slow.

The condition to follow calmly the Incan terraces and penetrate buildings and temples erected in millimeter embedded stones that still guard, in its accuracy, the secrets about its origin and is an adventure by itself. The purpose of women to visit a place like Machu-Picchu can be compared to strengthen her relationship with Pachamama and stablish a conection of complicity to realize  the grandeur of life in this place that combines archeology and nature in a perfect harmony.

The tip to know the ruins past noon, after done a lot of walking has advantages and tap woman. Already with happiness hormone released depending on walks, with emotion on edge, is valid enjoy the place to verbalize desires and positive ideas, in a loud tone, with a determination to “wash the soul”. Almost like being in a psychoanalysis session. Only with the difference that nature does the turn of the divan. It is a free flight.

To end this partnership ritual with Inca wisdom, must not miss a medicinal bath in the evening, in thermals of Aguas Calientes, a true balm after exhaustive walks. After that, the order is to enjoy the “dream of the righteous” to enjoy next day in Cuzco.
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The fact of being a woman and travel alone in genuine countries such as Peru and Bolivia allows a bigger experience of customs and direct contact with the people. Most os Peruvian and Bolivian is affectionate and pure of spirit.

In Cuzco, for example, is common to find indian with their colorful costumes, weaving belts or sheep wool blankets. If you have the privilege of meeting an Indian as Sirilla, who besides weave her belts proudly, also defends tourists woman or indigenous.


Sirilla. By Janine Malanski
Sirilla. By Janine Malanski

illa, from “Pueblo Chinchero”, as identified, weaves wool since childhood. What learned with her mother, teaches her daughters. Has five children and live to sell her crafts. Her husband creates sheep. Is with these sheep wool she weaves belts and colored bands. The color is obtained by herbs and aniline which she marterfully knows to prepare.

detalhe Sirila

Sirilla knows to defend her girlfriends, even unknown tourists, when realises someone is attempting to deceive them. “Are my friends”, she warns. The simple affection of Sirilla or any other Indian who sells her artcrafts in Cuzco strengthen women’s ties to continue the tour by the city with a sharper look.

Blessed Virgin of Belem. Eighteenth century. Google Art Project
Only a woman would realize that virgins from Cuzco, many times painted by Indians who went to Cuzco school of painting, at the time Spaniards wanted to evangelize the world, imposing their Christian faith, have more shine in their clothes. Even remotely resemble white virgins, pale and modest, represented by Europeans. The virgins from Cuzco are colorful, intense, and most brunettes. Wonderful works!

Critical Look

Overall, Machu-Picchu by female or male perspective is a must-see trip. On one hand, ruins of a city that housed a people near the sky and on the other, villages full of simple people, with colorful clothes, that shows an other way to look at life. By the voracity with which primitive people memory is destroyed, is better to be fast and try to find this giant uterus green and luxurious located close the navel of the world (Cuzco) to ensure in your mind the unforgettable image of a single place on Earth.

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