9 de June de 2016


In my wanderings as a science teacher I always transited through schools laboratories. On one of these “experiences” discovered an unpublished, important and original phenomenon, with […]
20 de December de 2015
image from http://sardinhaeletrica.blogspot.com.br/2015/02/ilha-de-superagui.html

Helena Michaud and the Superagui blackout

The Superagüi Island, on the coast of Parana, now a National Park, is one of those paradises, picturesque places where time has shaped such an exuberant […]
4 de November de 2015

Hilarious reading of a marginal tale

The day had started to Mari full of chores. Those days when tasks exceed the daily limit of productive hours and make the daily life of […]
27 de October de 2015

The kiss

In front of the sculpture “The Kiss” by Rodin I felt my thoughts take flight and reach another dimension. In the sense of using the fantasy […]
26 de October de 2015

The pleasures and displeasures of an unusual trip

That man was too tall to remain standing in that minibus crowded towards Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, and to better accommodate himself, started asking permission, […]
24 de October de 2015

A Brazilian way that delights me

A pleasent hum came from the street, in that sunny morning in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, northeastern Brazil, where the temperature never exceeds the limits […]
14 de August de 2015

“Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse”

St. Augustine used to say that “Life is a book and those who don’t travel only read the first page.” Today, maybe I can say that […]
31 de July de 2015

The sensation of finding the soul of a city like Rome

In this ghostly scenario it seems the past takes account the city overnight, lives its routine, while the modern world sleeps. In this poetic form I […]
15 de May de 2015

Art of the words and the pleasure by their meanings

Geraldo was leaning in about three books at a time when his young student arrived to the Italian lesson. The air of astonishment and inquiry stamped […]
24 de April de 2015

About ordinary people’s hospitality…

I always think about the hospitality displayed by ordinary people… They usually think they do not have much to offer, because they live in humble places, […]
17 de April de 2015

“The Revolution of the Forgotten”

The housewife, tired of everything, sat motionless by the doorway in a muffled cry. She felt lonely, misunderstood, invisible to the world, and to her own […]