The reading was not part of the female universe at the time when Marie lived in the world. The woman’s space was limited  to the house, children and husband.

The tales of the Legacy are dedicated to Marie Weigert Wanke, a nineteenth-century lady who loved to read and became famous in her family for an episode that was told from generation to generation in a sweet and humorous way …

The legacy is a four-part story, Tribute to Marie, Being a Housewife, I? Marie’s trip to Brazil, A necessary rescue.

17 de March de 2015

Tribute to Marie IV

Curitiba/ Ponta-Grossa, to nowadays. Centuries 20 and 21 Is interesting to realize that talents, defects, family stigmas remain, many times, from generation to generation and are […]
17 de March de 2015

Marie’s travel to Brazil III

Breslau. Century 19 – 1879 to 1943 When I completed eight years my father traveled to Brazil. We lived in Breslau near my maternal grandparents who […]
17 de March de 2015

A necessary rescue II

Curitiba, Paraná/Brasil, to nowadays. Century 21 Egon really liked to tell the stories of our ancestors, immigrants who left German Silesia (now Czech Republic), from Germany […]
16 de March de 2015

To be a good housewife? I

Avenue Candido de Abreu, Curitiba/Brazil, 1888 – Marie Weigert Wanke’s home My story, actually, beggins here, in the day my mother gave my a spanking for […]