Art involves every form of human activity as an attempt or exaltation of his inventive talent or his expressive capacity.

The man of antiquity began to use it from a behavior carried out in his daily life. The word is the result, it is the symbolic representation.

The etymology (study of the origin of the word) of the word art derives from the Aryan root ar – which in Sanskrit means in the sense of translation, adapt, make, produce. This root is found in Latin, ars, artis, artem. Therefore, originally the word art meant something like an ability to produce in some activity.

In the semantic changes or translations suffered, art was associated with beauty, aesthetics, especially in the reproductions of facts, characters, landscapes.

It arose from the sensibility of the human being when expressing itself in scenes, religious, mythological, of battles, environmental, mainly to feed the ego of personages famous in history.

The sense of beauty is very individual. Beauty has no unique pattern and a universal value. It can vary from country to country, from person to person, culture, age, sex, mood, among other factors. What may be beautiful to you, is not for me.

19 de December de 2016
Imagem internet. Foto retirada da Uol

He came to stay

The German Jochen Volz who conceived the “Incerteza Viva” (“Live uncertainty”), from the 32nd Biennial of Sao Paulo, came to stay in Brazil. He arrived in […]
18 de December de 2016
Ferreira Gullar. foto via internet.

Art exists because life is not enough

The phrase spoken by Ferreira Gullar has poetics. Contains a thesis in a few words, light, beautiful and well chosen, probably the shortest and most complete […]
26 de October de 2016
Danish artist Olafur Eliasson who was inspired by the kaleidoscope in the installation 'Machine of See' (2001-2008) Inhotim

Inhotim is perfect symbiosis between contemporary art and nature

 People of Brumadinho, in Minas Gerais, says that an English miner named Timothy walked by these lands sometime in the past. The native from Belo Horizonte, […]
20 de January de 2016

Unmistakable style and valuable art of Klimt

The valuable works of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) of the late nineteenth century and twentieth begging, remain in time without losing prominence in media, even […]
15 de January de 2016

Women who know how to make lace in Brazil

The bobbin lace of Maria do Carmo are for sale in a tourist spot in the Barra of Tabatinga, south of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, […]
6 de December de 2015

Divinities of garbage made in Africa shows a continent in agony

The agonizing divinities created by artist and photographer, Fabrice Monteiro, born in Benin (Africa), with Belgian mother, denounce the serious pollution of the African continent through […]
23 de November de 2015

That’s all

Five years had passed, and her life had changed completely. Milena didn’t live in that city anymore, even in that country. She had moved to where […]
15 de November de 2015

Curitiba transcends to the light of artists of the International Biennial

Curitiba transcends to the light of the works of the International Biennial and integrates today the schedule of the hugest art exhibitions, which in the past was kept […]
10 de October de 2015

The red in the Japan pavilion. Obsession or fascination…

Interesting was entering the Japan pavilion, at the 56th. International Exhibition of Arts of the Venice Biennial and be welcomed by The Key in the Hand […]
25 de September de 2015

A view of the Venice Biennial 2015

ray ban sunglasses Inexpensive This was the third Venice Biennale I visit in the past six years. I made many Brazilian Biennials in Sao Paulo, throughout […]
25 de September de 2015

Two surprises in Cortona

It is a town located between the regions of Umbria and Tuscany, perched high on a mountain, stalking the fertile valley of olives and vineyards intermixed by tall […]
10 de August de 2015

The Ear of Van Gogh

Years ago I have walked at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam-Netherlands. And I saw the big differences between reproduction and original work of Van Gogh. […]
16 de July de 2015

The Colors of the Sacred: Legacy of Carybé to Brazil

The Argentine artist Carybé (1911-1980) left a precious legacy for Brazil: the history of Bahia Candomblé reckoned with colors and art in 128 watercolors. A total of […]
15 de July de 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio to Donate John Gerrard’s Massive Installation to LACMA

  Original publication Artnet’news  – Actor and superstar collector Leonardo DiCaprio has announced plans to donate Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada), a massive installation by John Gerrard, […]
2 de July de 2015

The body and soul of Victor Brecheret’s women

The exhibition “Brecheret Women, Body and Soul – Drawings and Sculpture” is magnificent. The Italian-Brazilian artist, Victor Brecheret (1894-1955) when outlined his women, in plaster, bronze and […]
2 de June de 2015

Venice Biennale: contemporary art and provocation between physical work and the magic concept

Although the Venice Biennale mobilize contemporary artists of renown and be an international and fascinating event for those who live the daily life of plastic art, […]
15 de May de 2015

“All the World’s Futures” is the theme of Venice International Art Biennale

Venice begins springtime breathing art in every corner of its exotic urban construction. This is the year that happens to Biennale, one of the most traditional events, […]
23 de April de 2015

The man who draws with light better than anyone

All Brazilians must be proud for having the photographer Sebastiao Salgado in the country. The documentary ‘Salt of Earth’ sum up, with a refined language and elaborated soundtrack, […]
11 de April de 2015

Yayoi Kusama is an artist that attracts more public. But galleries and museums still prefer men

Original publication in Exibart – A fact is the fame of artist measured by the audience that attracts, an other is the issue of preference of galleries […]
23 de March de 2015

Louvre is still the most visited museum in the world

Originally published in exibart Enter through the glass pyramid that gives access to the Louvre Museum in Paris, the French capital, is embarking on a journey back […]