Nothing is more pleasurable than sitting with friends and to talks about life.

In this chat about life, whose themes start with the trivial “how the family goes” or “what’s new”, go throughs heated discussions about politics, social issues.

Others like  – how do we change the world – and end in a big farewell hug. In the talking of everything without hierarchies and pattern.

11 de October de 2016
Giovanni Ziccardi

Verbal violence and online hate

“Revolting this northeastern people, bunch of ignorant donkey, I am northeast but do not let me mislead with these…” “Vote for Dilma and after comes South […]
9 de September de 2016

Corruption was common in the Olympics in ancient Greece

An interesting article published in Italian blog Salvatore Lo Leggio shows that corruption is not the prerogative of the modern age, be in sports, politics or […]
2 de June de 2016

Professor says that there is life beyond Earth

To make the text more didactic I faked an interview: “Luiz Ernesto Wanke was professor of physics and mathematics (now retired). Much of his life he […]
22 de May de 2016

The world that Greenpeace wanted to change is worse

The documentary “How to change the world”, that closed the International Festival of Journalism, in Perugia, tells the history of the largest environmental movement in the […]
22 de May de 2016

Snowden’s fade let journalists dissatisfied

The finding that the only safe place to political asylum of Edward Snowden would be Russia or China is sad, by the understanding of the British […]