19 de December de 2016
Imagem internet. Foto retirada da Uol

He came to stay

The German Jochen Volz who conceived the “Incerteza Viva” (“Live uncertainty”), from the 32nd Biennial of Sao Paulo, came to stay in Brazil. He arrived in […]
18 de December de 2016
Ferreira Gullar. foto via internet.

Art exists because life is not enough

The phrase spoken by Ferreira Gullar has poetics. Contains a thesis in a few words, light, beautiful and well chosen, probably the shortest and most complete […]
26 de October de 2016
Danish artist Olafur Eliasson who was inspired by the kaleidoscope in the installation 'Machine of See' (2001-2008) Inhotim

Inhotim is perfect symbiosis between contemporary art and nature

 People of Brumadinho, in Minas Gerais, says that an English miner named Timothy walked by these lands sometime in the past. The native from Belo Horizonte, […]
11 de October de 2016
Giovanni Ziccardi

Verbal violence and online hate

“Revolting this northeastern people, bunch of ignorant donkey, I am northeast but do not let me mislead with these…” “Vote for Dilma and after comes South […]
9 de September de 2016

Corruption was common in the Olympics in ancient Greece

An interesting article published in Italian blog Salvatore Lo Leggio shows that corruption is not the prerogative of the modern age, be in sports, politics or […]
9 de September de 2016

Luxembourg is a modern fairy tale

Luxembourg is a small country in Europe that one can visit in a “blink of the eye”, but is only limited in its territorial extension and […]
9 de June de 2016


In my wanderings as a science teacher I always transited through schools laboratories. On one of these “experiences” discovered an unpublished, important and original phenomenon, with […]
2 de June de 2016

Professor says that there is life beyond Earth

To make the text more didactic I faked an interview: “Luiz Ernesto Wanke was professor of physics and mathematics (now retired). Much of his life he […]
22 de May de 2016

The world that Greenpeace wanted to change is worse

The documentary “How to change the world”, that closed the International Festival of Journalism, in Perugia, tells the history of the largest environmental movement in the […]
22 de May de 2016

Snowden’s fade let journalists dissatisfied

The finding that the only safe place to political asylum of Edward Snowden would be Russia or China is sad, by the understanding of the British […]
20 de January de 2016

Unmistakable style and valuable art of Klimt

The valuable works of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) of the late nineteenth century and twentieth begging, remain in time without losing prominence in media, even […]
15 de January de 2016

Women who know how to make lace in Brazil

The bobbin lace of Maria do Carmo are for sale in a tourist spot in the Barra of Tabatinga, south of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, […]
20 de December de 2015
image from http://sardinhaeletrica.blogspot.com.br/2015/02/ilha-de-superagui.html

Helena Michaud and the Superagui blackout

The Superagüi Island, on the coast of Parana, now a National Park, is one of those paradises, picturesque places where time has shaped such an exuberant […]
6 de December de 2015

Divinities of garbage made in Africa shows a continent in agony

The agonizing divinities created by artist and photographer, Fabrice Monteiro, born in Benin (Africa), with Belgian mother, denounce the serious pollution of the African continent through […]
15 de November de 2015

Curitiba transcends to the light of artists of the International Biennial

Curitiba transcends to the light of the works of the International Biennial and integrates today the schedule of the hugest art exhibitions, which in the past was kept […]
12 de November de 2015

Unprecedented book analyzes the psychological effects on a child generated in laboratory or adopted by homosexuals

Th book “The right to have childer out of sexuality”, by the jurist and psychoanalyst Silvane Marian Marchesini, will be released next Friday (13), in Curitiba, […]
4 de November de 2015

Hilarious reading of a marginal tale

The day had started to Mari full of chores. Those days when tasks exceed the daily limit of productive hours and make the daily life of […]
27 de October de 2015

The kiss

In front of the sculpture “The Kiss” by Rodin I felt my thoughts take flight and reach another dimension. In the sense of using the fantasy […]
26 de October de 2015

The pleasures and displeasures of an unusual trip

That man was too tall to remain standing in that minibus crowded towards Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, and to better accommodate himself, started asking permission, […]
24 de October de 2015

A Brazilian way that delights me

A pleasent hum came from the street, in that sunny morning in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, northeastern Brazil, where the temperature never exceeds the limits […]