Tribute to Marie IV

Curitiba/ Ponta-Grossa, to nowadays. Centuries 20 and 21

Is interesting to realize that talents, defects, family stigmas remain, many times, from generation to generation and are called by psychologists transgenerational links.

The book “My Ancestors”, from the Jungian psycologist, Ane Ancelin Schtzenberger, who does a study about family myths, concludes that there are, in fact, demonstrably links transgenerational.

Scientifically approved or not, it is certain that Marie left its mark in the heart of the family.

A eternal legacy. Truly eternal mainly because her grandchildren – Eno Theodoro (who dedicated himself to research details of German immigrants coming to Paraná and write a book about it), told their story, this way, at this time, she found space to stay in time.

The way that Eno has found its audience, since he had “poetic vein” and loved writing books and short stories, was “sui generis.” Each copy published with its own resources was mailed to friends and contacts, also with shipping prepaid and autographed. At the launch of the book about immigration Eno confessed that he liked so much to be an engineer than being a writer or poet. However, to support himself needed to leave Ponta- Grossa, try an open competition in Petrobras to work as an engineer  because in a small city  “nobody gives a house to a poet engineer build.”

Many descendants of Marie accepted the inheritance, yes, received the signal!

A great writer, Lygia Fagundes Telles, who was the third woman to take over the Brazilian Academy of Letters – May 12, 1987, defines in just one sentence what she feels when writes a book. “The word is the bridge that the writer throws for his next. I stretch the bridge and say: come.”

I understand Lygia! I build bridges through words and go through it always, for the simple fact that I received this “taste”, this stimulus, following in the footsteps of Marie. I received from her a eternal legacy!

So, is for you, Marie, my grandmother, I dedicate this story and the words contained therein, reinforce the structures of our bridge and move on your legacy and, then united, together, we continuously extend the bridge and tell everyone , come …

Curitiba, September, 2008

Mari Weigert

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